Friday, October 28, 2011


Regrettably, it has been way too long since I have updated my blog. I guess time just got away from me, as it so often does.

The best and most exciting news I have is that I am 30 weeks pregnant!! I feel so blessed to have this tiny miracle growing inside me.

After we fired our doctor(see last post,)we decided on an infertility specialist in Ann Arbor. He is by far the best doctor I have ever had. Something he said, along with his bedside manner made me able to relax. He didn't do anything different than what we were already doing, except an immediate ultrasound and some dose tweaking. He was just so reassuring. He told me that on ultrasound, my body was responding to the Clomid, but that I just needed a bit more. I felt able to trust him. We saw him through two more rounds of clomid for a total of four rounds.

The last week of April, I took a negative test. We were pretty disappointed, but figured we would keep trudging along. The next week, on May 1st, I still hadn't gotten my period. I was telling my oldest sister about some of the symptoms I was having like sore breasts and cramps. She urged me to take another test. I really didn't think I should, but on the way home that night, I found myself swinging into CVS. It seems so surreal now. I got home and told Jason I was going to take a test. We both needed to go to bed as it was a late night. He thought I should wait to take it, but I just didn't feel like I could. I went on the voyage into the bathroom alone and did my deed. I put the test on the counter and tried not to look at it while I waited. When I allowed myself to look, I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to compare what I saw to the picture on the box to be certain. Then I told Jason he needed to come in there...NOW. When he did, I think he was shocked, too. We both stared at the test for a few minutes. When it started to sink in, we hugged...there were a few tears. I remember being so excited I could hardly contain myself. We immediately decided to call our families. We called mine first. They were all still at Mom and Dad's. Everyone was excited for us. There was a lot of cheering and well-wishing. After that, we called Jason's parents and made an excuse to go over there (they live a mile away). We talked to them for a few minutes and then shared our news. They were both very happy for us. It was a pretty incredible night.

There was a bit of stress at the beginning because of some stubborn spotting and cramping. We waited for a long time and then I was a basket case during the first few weeks all the time. I felt an underlying sense of worry until I could feel the baby. Actually, I guess that sense is still there. I will probably will be for the rest of my life! It is definitely less prominent when I feel the little peanut move around though.

It has all been sort of a whirlwind. I can not believe it almost November. I remember not being able to imagine getting this far. Now, I wonder where all the months went. I will try to keep this more regularly updated. For now, I must sign off and get myself some sleep!

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